Labelle Salon & Spa

Express Facial Bar

High impact express facial treatments.  On the main floor designed around a cocktail theme, these treatments have been created to achieve amazing results in under 30 minutes.  Enjoy while receiving another treatment  or on it's own. 

Cell Renewal Treatment
a crushed coral rimmer with a splash of tomato with just a little heat and garnished with a light finish.


Gin & Tonic
Oxygen Lightening Treatment
an ounce of cleanser with splash of polish and a dollop of light topped with a creamy finish.


Vitamin C Boost
an ounce of cleanser with a shot of Vitamin C topped with splash.


Lemoncello Bellini
Clarifying Treatment
an ounce of cleanser with a spoonful of lemon zest and a hint of bran rice topped up with a light finish.      


Raspberry Sour Puss
Lip Exfoliating Pumping Treatment
a crème fresh frosting rolling into a coating of hydration and finished with a sparkle.


Jell-O Shot
Eye Rejuvenation Treatment
a drop of emollient with an infusion of the sea finished with a splash.