Labelle Salon & Spa

Firming Express
If your skin just needs a quick pickup then this is the treatment for you. Using a sheet mask infused with sweet almond seed and aloe helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Lip Facial
An exfoliating treatment leaving your lips plumed, hydrated and smooth.


Express Facial Bar
Highly intensive treatments for maximum results in 30 mins.

Great during the lunch hour

try one while your colour is processing

Eye Facial
A stimulating treatment to help with puffy eyes and fine lines. Great to cool sore strained eyes. 


Biolight Express
A mini version of our popular Biolight Facial. This treatment uses a sheet mask infused with Gotu Kola and Licorice Root extract. For dull and uneven skin.      


Hydrating Express
This express treatment uses the benefits of a sheet mask infused with orange water and rooibos tea to give your skin instant hydration.


Red Out Express
A mini version of our famous Red Out Facial. A sea of calm for sensitive skin using an infused sheet mask to help reduce the appearance of redness


Fusion Express

Awaken the senses with this treatment.

Choose from:chocolate, berry, matcha green tea or vanilla pumpkin. Each provides essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to give the skin effective nutritive results.