Honey Of A Glow
Indulge the body with pure honey, almonds and oatmeal. Based on an ancient beauty ritual these ingredients are massaged into the skin, helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells


Peppermint Sea Twist
Hydrating, nourishing and filled with nutrients this seaweed wrap is just what the body ordered.

Sea the difference.

Masque Me With Seaweed

Formulated to release all the toxins from your body, leaving your body slimmer and rejuvenated. 

Acne Back Treatment
Using a combination of extracts from nature's best, sugar cane and fruit.  Great for scarred, acne prone skin as well as sun damaged skin.     $100/tx

Honey Of A Glow Back
A wonderful exfoliating treatment finishing with a paraffin treatment.     $100/tx

Moor Mud Body Sculpture Treatment
Enjoy the relaxation and warmth of being wrapped in mud. Complete your treatment with an invigorating shower or bath.   $100/tx

1/2 hour               $50/tx

45 minutes           $60/tx

1 hour                  $75/tx

1 1/2 hours          $110/tx

$1/2 body $80/tx

full body    $120/tx

$1/2 body $80/tx

full body    $120/tx

Spray Tanning

​Our airbrushed tanning treatments create a very natural and even all over tan using the superior ingredients of the Fake Bake line. Whether you are looking to even out your tan lines or want a beautiful sun kissed glow this is

the treatment for you.    $40/tx

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

45 minutes           $90/tx

1 hour                  $110/tx

1 1/2 hours          $130/tx

$1/2 body $65/tx

full body    $100/tx

Our Body and  Hydrotherapy treatments all use pure natural ingredients like seaweed, almond, honey, oatmeal, and moor mud. We are constantly creating unique original treatments to add to our menu of treatments.  Just tell us what your issue is and our talented Aestheticians can create a custom treatment just for you


Body Treatments

Registered Massage Therapy

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Labelle Salon & Spa

Mud Me
Pure mud bath. You choose from 3 varieties of mud depending on your needs.     $50/tx

Throw Me To The Sea
Using the healing properties of seaweed, this invigorating bath will make your tired body come alive. A wonderful anti-oxidant.     $50/tx